90 Years of Minnesota Vacation Hospitality: Food and Fun Await!

Many factors contribute to making something “the best!” “my favorite!”, or “just wait until you get to do that!” It could be the type of activity, the people involved, or simply how you felt. At Boyd Lodge, their time-honored traditions are all that and then some. Families make visiting Boyd Lodge a yearly tradition (the best kind, some family members might say) because of the traditions they’ve created and invited their guests to be a part of. For 90 years, the resort has infused fun, community, and excitement into their Minnesota vacation experience through dynamic events that have brought people together, as only a family would. As festivities unfold for this memorable milestone year, so do some of the food and fun that has always made Boyd Lodge special.

One of the fan-favorite activities that has made its triumphant return is Tie-Dye Tuesdays! One look at Boyd Lodge’s Facebook page or a chat with a fellow guest, and you’ll encounter comment after comment about how much this eye-catching tradition is cherished. Guests of every age can saturate blank canvases (crisp, white t-shirts), with vibrant colors, and then sit back and watch as they dry in the lakeside breeze. And there’s a new twist this year! In celebration, you can fold, crumple, and dye a 90th Anniversary Boyd Lodge t-shirt! More than a unique and groovy top made by you, you’ll have memories just as colorful to recount every time you wear it. 

Congratulations to Boyd Lodge on your 90th anniversary in our 36th year of our family enjoying a summer week at the resort!! We love the celebration T-shirts, and huge thanks to Mike for taking our family photo and capturing another year of memories!” – Ronda Haley and family

When you’re in operation for nine decades, your stories and history are bound to be rich and captivating. One such Boyd Lodge story is about their well-known weekly picnic. In 1945 this tradition began with Lynn and Ceil Boyd loading their boat with potato salad and beans while others followed along in their boats to Big Island on Whitefish Lake. Hot dogs were grilled, coffee was made from lake water, enjoyment was had, and the potato salad… oh, the potato salad… made from scratch! The picnic eventually moved to the resort and shifted to a potluck-style occasion. And there was entertainment! The kids would dress up, perform skits, and ride their bikes parade-style through the grounds. Families would gather on their blankets laid out in the grass and once again, the potato salad was the star of the show. This year guests will get to experience a version of this old-fashioned picnic on Tuesday evenings by the Townhouse pool with hot dogs, fellowship, and don’t worry, lots and lots of potato salad! 

What else is around the bend, you ask? A Summer Fun 2024 list bursting with activities, some fresh and new, others beloved and timeless. The popular idiom reads, “What’s old is new again,” and part of that is true when it comes to the ever-changing but always-loving community created through special resort mainstays, but for Boyd Lodge, maybe it should read, “What’s meaningful has never truly left.”