Group Events

Boyd Lodge’s

Beautiful Banquet Room

At Boyd Lodge, we pride ourselves on being one of Minnesota’s truly authentic year-round family-oriented lake cabin vacation destinations. But that doesn’t mean we only do family vacations! Our resort offers a beautiful and modern 50-person banquet room with lake views and a wood-and-stone rustic feel. It is the perfect setting for weddings, family reunions, business meetings, and other group get-togethers. No matter the type of event, if you want to treat your guests to a memorable experience, Boyd Lodge is the perfect location.

Business Events

that Feel Like a Boyd Lodge VACATION

How many of us have been to a corporate “offsite planning meeting” in a dingy conference room at the local hotel? Admit it, you’re not at your creative best in a crowded room with a view of the parking lot.

Why not try your next business meeting in a beautiful lakeside setting? Your employees will relax in a banquet room that feels more like a cabin than a boardroom. We have room for up to 50 people plus the giant flip-pads on tripods that are the hallmark of any good business meeting. We even have a kitchen, so if you want to show your employees a better experience than hotel chicken breasts or pizza delivery, we’ve got you covered.

Give us a try. We’re pretty darn confident you’ll never go back to the chain hotel in the suburbs!

Host Your

Friends & Family Events

At Boyd Lodge

Not too long ago, we focused almost exclusively on family reunions – and the truth is, we are still the perfect family reunion destination. We have cabins and cottages for everyone, year-round lake access, a beautiful banquet room for gatherings, and a whole host of amenities that keep guests coming back. Honestly, we’re still ideal for family reunions!
But in recent years, we’ve hosted an entirely different collection of events that are suited perfectly for our banquet room. How about a yoga retreat? Attendees get luxurious accommodations, a hot tub and sauna, in-cabin fireplaces, and a perfectly rustic space for the group yoga sessions. Plenty of room for everyone in your group to relax and “stretch out.”  We’ve also hosted book club meetings recently. The living room of a private home is perfect for a club of eight or less, but when the size of your group outgrows the modern family den, why not try an in-depth book discussion in what feels like a giant lakeside cabin – with a fireplace to boot!  
Name the club or group or event, and we challenge you to find a better spot to meet.

Lakeside Weddings

at Beautiful Boyd Lodge

A lakeside wedding is authentically Minnesotan. After all, we are the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Lots of Minnesota lake resorts offer weddings, but at Boyd Lodge we feel we are just about the perfect location.  Allow us to explain:
  • Our banquet room is all windows. Unlike so many other resorts, at Boyd Lodge you’ll know you’re lakeside and in a “cabin in the woods.” You simply can’t beat our views.
  • We’re less than two hours from the Twin Cities. Let’s face it, many of your guests are coming from Minneapolis or St. Paul. Sure, there are some beautiful spots on the North Shore, but how many guests want to drive that far? You simply can’t beat our location.
  • Our overnight accommodations are unlike 95% of Minnesota lake resorts. Here, your guests will enjoy luxury instead of enduring a night in a one-room cabin. You simply can’t beat our modern cabins and cottages. Did we mention the hot tub, sauna, and fireplaces?
Oh, and of course we have a full kitchen for your caterers. Seriously, just book now because you won’t find a better Minnesota lakeside wedding spot.

Wedding Prices

*All special decorating must be removed by party renting the facility. Kitchen must be cleaned and dishes washed and put away and the floors vacuumed. Additional fees may be incurred if the premise is not maintained. Client accepts liability for damages done to the rooms.