Policy / Procedure Guide Covid-19

Covid-19 Preparedness Plan

The goal of these processes is to welcome our guests and also help them feel safer by reducing potential risks to staff and guest.

  • Reservation/Booking

  • Check-In Process

  • Check-Out Process

  • Cabins and Cottages

  • Front Desk & Store

  • Guest Activities & Marina

  • Staff

Reservation / Booking

  • Most reservations occur online and there is no physical contact.
  • Guests will be contacted prior to arrival to confirm the card they want the balance charged to is on file. If a bill is to be split – we will need all of the credit card information and the information on how the final bill is to be split between the various guests.  We will email the receipt upon checkout.
  • During their stay guest will be given the opportunity to rebook their stay for the following year. This will be handled via email and or text messaging.  In the past guests filled out a card and returned it to the office upon check out.
  • A few “new” guests will walk in to book future stays or “check out the resort”. Social distancing will be in place with markings in the office to maintain 6 foot separations.  Masks will also be required in any indoor areas and outdoors where social distancing can’t be enforced.  Resort brochures and those for area attractions will be available but will be provided by the staff member.  They will no longer be available out in the open as in previous years.  Visitors will be instructed on how to visit the website to look at vacancy and book their stays online.

Check In Process

The check in area is traditionally crowded at peak times with lots of touch points in the actual check-in process.  The following procedure will alleviate this situation.

  • We will create an “express” check-in packet for those guests that have stayed with us previously and do not wish to enter into the office. This will contain the cabin keys, a map showing their cabin location and other information pertinent to their stay.  We will note the credit card we have on file for checkout at the commencement of their stay.  In the packet will be a registration form for them to compete and turn in for emergency purposes if one was not received prior to their arrival.  We will email a registration form to the guest prior to their arrival, to be completed in advance of their stay.  This will expedite the check-in process if they provide a completed form prior to their check in. A staff member will meet the guest in the parking lot. 
  • For those guests that wish to enter the office area to check-in, social distancing requirements will be in place, masks will be required, and staff will limit the number of people in the office to maintain a six foot distance between guests. All touch point areas will be sanitized throughout the day plus masks and gloves will be available.  
  • The notice that will be sent out 7 – 10 days prior to their reservation which will also advise that if they or anyone in their family has been exposed or infected with COVID-19 in the past 14 days to not travel to Boyd Lodge. We will work with them on a refund or moving their reservation to a later date, once they have met the timeframes of no longer being symptomatic.  
  • We will communicate this system with guests prior to arrival. If someone needs to use the restroom at the lodge, please follow all guidelines: wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart, and washing hands according to the CDC guidelines.

Check Out Process

  • Guests will call the front desk to inform staff when they are departing. Keys will be left in the cabin on the counter.
  • Staff will email a final statement/receipt to the guest along with requests to re-book their cabin for 2021, surveys, and any other follow-up items.

Cabins and Cottages

The cabins and cottages will appear different this year.   Per the MN Department of Health Guidelines, we have removed all extra “décor” items and unnecessary linens from the cabins.  We need to be able to sanitize and clean every surface in the cabin prior to guest arrivals.

With the additional steps needed to assure our staff and guests safety, we will not be able to accommodate any requests for an early check in this year.  We have a rigorous routine to clean and sanitize the cabins between guests that cannot be compromised.

All comforters, extra throw pillows, games, puzzles, “Knick Knack” décor, wall decorations, will be removed from the cabins. If you prefer to bring additional bedding, certainly feel free to bring your own.  We will completely strip the beds and remove all blankets, sheets, pillows and mattress pads between guest stays.  All surfaces will be sanitized, paying special attention to high touch point areas such as door handles, drawer pulls, switches, faucets, cords on blinds, and ceiling fan pulls.  All dishes and cooking utensils will be sanitized.

We will provide a limited number of pack-n-plays, high chairs and air beds this year.  Each week only half of the pack-n-plays, high chairs and airbeds will be available, as the other half will be sanitized and set aside for a “rest period” of 7 days between each use.


PLEASE NOTE – Triple check your cabin upon check out.  We will no longer be able to retain and ship out clothing, pillows, personal items etc. left behind this year.  All items left behind in the cabin will be disposed of at the time the cabin is cleaned.

The front desk team will sanitize the lobby area frequently, this encompasses public areas, check in and gift store areas.  Frequency will vary according to how much traffic is coming through.  When we have steady traffic coming through we will have a front desk person cleaning as needed.  Signage will be placed throughout the resort and cabins reminding guests and staff to Wash Hands Frequently, Cover their Cough and Sneeze, Maintain Social Distancing of 6 feet or more, and wear a mask.

  • Public area – we will be focused on door handles, stair rails and countertops. Furniture will be cleaned with disinfectant sprays. 
  • Front desk – the staff will be sanitizing phones, counter, door handles, work surfaces, and pens/pencils.
  • Restrooms – will be cleaned and disinfected daily. Special attention will be paid to all “touch points” doors, toilets, faucets, latches, towel dispensers.   
  • Gift shop/Store – Store/Office hours will be 9 am – 6 pm.

The candy, pop and ice cream will all be behind the areas marked off.  Guests will be asked to refrain from going beyond the barriers.  The staff will be able to access items for purchase.  Staff members and guests will be required to wear masks.  Guests will not be permitted to handle items and put them back.  Staff will provide ice cream, sodas, candy and all related items for the guests to purchase.  We will also have bait in the store as well.  An order sheet listing all items available for purchase will be provided to all guests.  Social distancing guidelines (minimum of 6 feet apart) will be in place.  Additionally, store and office area will be restricted to members of the same family unit at one time.  Guests can text or email their orders in advance, and a staff member will gather the requested merchandise and prepare it for pick-up.

All clothing will now be located in the Whitefish Lake Room where there is more room to social distance.  Gloves and masks will be required, social distancing will be in place and we will limit access to a maximum of 3 people at a time.    A Boyd Lodge employee will assist with selecting the size and style requested.  This will prevent unnecessary handling of clothing.  Any clothing that has been tried on but not purchased, will be removed from inventory, sanitized and kept separate for 7 days before being placed back into the inventory for sale. 

Cash, checks, and additional credit cards will be accepted, but the preferred method for payments will be that all sales will be charged to guest’s cabin which will be paid by the credit card already on file at the end of the week. 

A complete list of all available movies will be provided.  Requested movies will be obtained by Boyd Lodge employees and provided to the guests.  Upon return all movies and movie cases will be properly sanitized.  Guests will not be able to checkout games, puzzles or books at this time.

Guest Activities & Marina


Our daily activities will be different this year due to the requirements from the MN Dep’t of Health and CDC.  We currently cannot hold our normal activities where social distancing is not practical. 

Here is a listing of the current activities and amenities which will be available for our guests:

  • Movies and Popcorn. A Boyd Lodge Staff person will deliver movies which have been properly sanitized and bagged popcorn directly to each cabin as requested.  
  • Donuts – Homemade donuts and a bag of freshly ground coffee will be delivered to your cabin on Monday am in a covered plastic container specific to your cabin.
  • BOYD-O will be changed to Beach Towel BOYD-O and will held outdoors to confirm with social distancing guidelines.
  • A Drive-by Happy Hour, Photo Scavenger Hunt, Fishing Contest and Medallion Hunt will be new activities this year. Prizes will be awarded.  We will supply information in your check in packages.
  • Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Saunas and the Exercise Room are allowed to be open with occupancies of 50% of normal stated levels. All Covid-19 suggested practices must be observed, social distancing, reduced occupancy, however masks are not recommended for use in the swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, or while exercising.  It is strongly encouraged that only same family members utilize the hot tub, sauna and exercise areas at the same time. 
  • Tie Dye, Painting Classes, Deal or No Deal, Trivia, Ice Cream Socials, Turtle Races will take a year off and not be able to be held.
  • Paddle boards, Kayaks, Paddle Boats and Canoes will be available for guest use. Paddles will be located near boardwalk.  These items will be sanitized at the start of each day Return paddles should be sanitized when each guest is finished using them.  A spray bottle of sanitizer will be provided for cleaning the paddle handles.  Please leave this bottle near the paddles for use of all guests. 
  • Life jackets will again be available for use. They will be sanitized after each use and will have separate locations to drop off the used ones and pick up the sanitized ones which are ready for use.
  • Beach chairs will be sanitized at the start of each day. Sanitizer will be available for use if additional sanitation is required throughout the day.
  • Fish cleaning facilities will be open. They will be cleaned and sanitized daily. Attention will be given to door handles, faucets, cleaning boards, knives, and waste buckets.  Sanitizing solution will be available in the fish cleaning facilities.  Signage will indicate proper social distancing and will also state only members of one family household will be allowed in at a time.


Please book all Pontoons and Fishing Boats by calling the office 218-543-4125.  We will confirm boat information with you (color and location).  A Boyd Lodge staff member will go over boat operation, safety, life jackets and any other related items with the guest.  Please make sure pontoon and boat rentals are returned at the proper time to avoid additional charges.  Rental charges will be billed directly to your cabin and included in the final invoice as described earlier.  Please practice social distance with our staff member.

All life jackets are provided and will be sanitized by Boyd Lodge staff between rentals.  

If you need gas at the dock – please call the office 218-543-4125 with a 10 minute notice.  We will have a staff member meet you at the dock to fill with gas.  The charge will be added to your reservation. 

All watercraft will be sanitized after each rental using approved sanitizer.

Pontoons: Steering console, controls, seats, tables, cup holders, rails, canopy poles and ladder will be sanitized

Fishing Boats: Seats, rails, console and controls will be sanitized

Staff Procedures

Mandatory that all staff follow proper hygiene and safety etiquette:

Wear protective gear when handling or cleaning guest contact areas (rubber gloves, face mask, ect.)

Wash Hands minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water.  Use additional hand sanitizer when necessary.

Cover your Cough and/or Sneeze.

Practice Social Distancing – Maintain 6 feet between co-workers and guests

Employees are responsible to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 such as:

Cough, Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing, Fever, Chills, Muscle Pain, Sore Throat, New Loss of Taste or Smell.  If employee shows signs of any of these symptoms, they will be asked to stay home and monitor for further development.  Employees will not be allowed to work if they shows signs of any of these symptoms.  Office notification of symptoms is required and all fellow employees will be notified by management.  Employee will be on leave until such time as determined by the policies of the MN Dep’t of Health and the CDC.

If a guest is known to have been in infected with or exposed to COVID-19, the cabin will be vacated for a minimum of 24 hours before staff will clean and disinfect as directed in the Lodging Establishment Cleaning Guidance for COVID-19 published by the MN Department of Health.  Notification to other guests and staff will follow the guidelines as set by the MN Dep’t of Health and the CDC.