Dressing Through the Decades of Memories at Boyd Lodge

A lot can, and has, happened in nine decades.


The time it takes a toddler to become a grandparent. 

A century minus one decade. 

That’s 90 years of technological advancements (hello, internet!), evolved modes of transportation (bring back the horse-drawn carriage!), and improved life expectancy due to betterments in healthcare. Also, perhaps not as impactful, but a bit more fun, has been the rise of streaming services, the reshaping of beauty crazes, and the transformation of fashion trends that have in some cases, come full circle (we’re looking at you, tie-dye). Boyd Lodge has seen it all, and this year we’re celebrating all the moments. Getting the opportunity to see the fun and feel the love through stories and the passage of time reinforces the importance of this anniversary and the resort family that has grown over the years. It’s time to hop in the time machine! We’re going for a ride through the nine decades of Boyd Lodge to see what different family vacations looked like, and we hope you can reflect on all your special moments here! What decade did you catch that enormous fish? Wasn’t it 1992 when the kids learned how to swim? What’s been your favorite decade? 

1930s – The decade Boyd Lodge became Boyd Lodge. These 10 years saw double-breasted suits and broad shoulders for men, along with fedoras and high-waisted trousers.Casual dressing also began to emerge in the way of relaxed sportswear and laid-back shirts. Like men’s styles, women also stepped out with wide shoulders but theirs included full, puffy sleeves. Decorated dresses were popular with frilly details like bows, buttons, and ruffles, while actress Katharine Hepburn introduced casual trousers into the mix.The lightweight, modern swimsuit came into its own in this era as well. Time on the beach along the Whitefish Chain of Lakes was spent in higher-cut legs and lower necklines for women. For men, swim shorts, almost always with a white belt, and crab back tops, almost always in stripes.

📷 Lynn, Ciel and Nancy Boyd 1938

1940s – A warm summer day in the 40s welcomed Hawaiian shirts and chinos for men, and women fully enjoyed the sun in full-skirted cotton dresses – cut above the knee. As far as fabrics were concerned, rayon emerged as silk’s less expensive counterpart, and cotton was also a favorite because it was so easy to wear. For dressy occasions, men favored vintage suits with bold ties, and women were ready to party in tea dresses with sweetheart necklines. 

1950s – You can’t talk about the 50s without mentioning the iconic poodle skirts with saddle shoes and white bobby socks (think Joanie from Happy Days!) This decade’s style is best described as casual meets formal and elegant. High-waisted jeans were in (but be sure to pair them with a tucked-in blouse!) and cigarette pants for women accessorized with a neck scarf and belt were totally in vogue. Patterns like polka dots, gingham, check, and floral were filling closets everywhere, although men favored bright solids, especially in their polos. Towards the end of the 1950s, jean jackets exploded onto the scene, and hats were on almost every man’s head. White shirts were a wardrobe staple – paired with a pencil skirt or slimming jeans for women, and casual chinos and penny loafers for men. A picture-perfect family picnic would entail straw hats for the ladies. For the guys, Hawaiian shirts were still around; this time they were accompanied by knee-length shorts or beachcombers.

📷 Zander Family 1957

1960s – This era marked the growing acceptance of women wearing pants so clam diggers, pedal pushers, and later, capris (oh my!) emerged as part of the ‘it’ look in the ’60s. Gals were pairing them with simple blouses and sweaters, along with flats and a lightweight cardigan. If you want to see a true 1960s look, look no further than Jackie O, head scarf and all. Mod Fashion was all the rage as well – we’re talking geometric prints, miniskirts, and sleek designs – of course, paired with oversized sunglasses and chunky jewelry. Board shorts and board short bikinis burst onto the sun-kissed scene, as did Keds as the beach shoe of choice for many. 

📷 Jensen Family 1963

1970s – Avocado green refrigerators, brown shag carpet, and 70s gold, the flower child movement popularized earthy colors during this decade. It also popularized bell bottoms, embroidery, tie-dye, and hippie everything. And don’t forget dancing at the discotheque! There you’d find sequins, chunky heels, fringed accessories, and silky shirts with oversized sleeves. Ladies would set up beach chairs and umbrellas in their string bikinis, and men would open their coolers in their Jesus sandals.     

📷 Corinne Smith 1976

1980s – In suitcases heading up north for a family vacation to remember, you’d find jelly shoes, Girbaud jean shorts, jumpsuits, colorful windbreakers, and graphic tees. Big hair accessorized the neon, shoulder-padded, leg warmer’d, ripped knee’d look in the 80s. As you emerged from a cloud of Aqua Net, you’d find Jazzercisers in monokinis, Madonna look-alikes in fishnet gloves and lace, and pretty much everyone in tapered jeans… with a fanny pack. Snacks included a Pepsi and everyone’s favorite, a canister of Planters cheese balls. 

📷 Bruce and Jan Anderson 1989

1990s – Grunge reared its awesome head in the 90s introducing trends like flannels, Doc Martens, choker necklaces, faded denim, and black, black, and more black. There were also styles boosted by the likes of Cher Horowitz from Clueless (“As if!”) and Rachel from Friends where knee-highs, short skirts, and sweater vests over button-downs were worn by all the cool kids. A July afternoon at the lake would find men in bucket hats and long oversized cargo shorts, and the ladies in a boho-tiered maxi skirt and some Steve Madden platform slides.  

📷 Vanderlaan Cross Country Skiing 1990

📷 The Rath Family 1991

📷 King Family 1999

2000s – Low-rise bottoms, trucker hats, and anything with a little bling pretty much encompassed trends for women in the 2000s. Throwing a denim mini skirt on with a bandana top and a pair of platform thong sandals had you ready to face a warm and stylish summer day. At work, it would be the simple ensemble of a crisp button-down top with bootcut trousers and square-toed boots. Men would relax in baggy jeans and a striped polo, and head to the office in a boxy suit and Abercrombie and Fitch cologne.

📷 Auge Family 2004

2010s – Defining this decade were Ed Hardy t-shirts, graphic hoodies, statement necklaces, and bandage dresses. You also couldn’t go anywhere without seeing numerous pairs of gladiator sandals and eye-catching bright-colored skinny jeans (not worn together, obviously). Vacation staples were a pair of jean shorts with pockets hanging out, a patterned tube top, and a belly button ring for the ladies. For guys it was a pair of white sneakers, lightweight joggers, and a minimalist graphic tee.

📷 Nicole Daly 2013

2020s – We made it! We’re home! Athleisure is still such a strong trend in the 2020s, but so are jeans (just NOT skinny!) This summer, behind your stylish aviators, you’ll see women spreading the sunscreen in their short shorts or white dresses, with bright and bold pops of color. Men will be dressed in chambray shirts, sweat shorts, and woven belts.And remember those styles that we mentioned earlier? Well, just try to leave your house without seeing a fanny pack, some bootcut jeans, and a little grunge. 

As you can see, each decade has something new, exciting, and different to offer, but when viewed collectively there’s this beautiful picture of color, fun, and connectedness. Yes, styles have changed, but they’re united by stories and people, echoing the enduring legacy of Boyd Lodge.

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