Celebrating 90 Years of Hospitality and Heartwarming Memories at Boyd Lodge, a Minnesota Family Resort

In the heart of Crosslake, Minnesota, Boyd Lodge stands as a living testament to the enduring legacy of hospitality and warmth, and in 2024 they are celebrating an incredible 90 years of serving their Minnesota family resort guests. What began as a humble vision is now a cherished destination, steeped in tradition and beloved by generations of families.

To reflect on the journey of 90 years, we invited Mike and Ruth Schwieters, current operators of Boyd Lodge, to share with us moments and traditions that have shaped Boyd Lodge into what it is today—a destination that has become synonymous with family, tradition, and the enduring spirit of Crosslake. 

It all started with Lynn Boyd, Mike’s grandfather, whose love of the beautiful pines and pristine lakes of the Crosslake area led him to build the first cabins. Initially, Lynn and Ceil Boyd provided lodging to those wanting to fish the abundant waters of Whitefish Lake. But as visitors began to discover that Boyd Lodge was more than a fishing lodge, their numbers began to increase, as did the demand for lodging facilities. Families began to come, seeking not only exceptional fishing but also a place to relax and enjoy a Minnesota family resort vacation. 

When Mike’s parents Roger and Nancy took over the resort in 1967, they built upon Lynn’s dream, adding loft cabins and other additions to the resort. Year after year guests returned, as they do now, to enjoy the beauty of the Whitefish Chain of Lakes, and the friendly, hospitable, family atmosphere that has long been the Boyd Lodge tradition.

“At Boyd Lodge, we take pride in creating traditions that add a touch of magic to our guests’ experiences.” Mike shares. From Nancy’s homemade donuts shared over conservation with fellow guests, to Boyd-o, a customized version of bingo, each tradition has been carefully cultivated to create lasting memories for families. Lively trivia sessions bring laughter and camaraderie, while the famous turtle races turn the lodge parking lot into a spirited arena of friendly competition. These traditions, carefully cultivated over the years, are the heart and soul of Boyd Lodge, creating memories for families that resonate long after their vacation ends.

For the past nine decades, Boyd Lodge has been a place where families come together to escape the hustle of everyday life and create unforgettable memories. “We cherish the families who have been returning to Boyd Lodge for generations and the new guests finding us for the first time”, Mike fondly shares. 

The stories of guests like Jackie Smitley, who has been visiting Boyd Lodge for over 40 years, are a testament to the deep connections formed. She shares, “My siblings and I are third-generation and we now bring our kids and mom each summer—a total of 11 of us! It has been incredible to share this place with them and watch as they look forward to it each year.” Like many guests, the Smitley family enjoys spending their yearly visits in nature and Jackie appreciates the friendly faces when she returns to the resort grounds. “The staff treats everyone like family and you are likely to run into Mike and Ruth.” 

It’s undeniable that so many memories have been created in large part to the work and heart that Mike and Ruth, along with generations before, have poured into Boyd Lodge. From grandparents teaching grandchildren to fish to laughter shared around crackling late-night bonfires, Boyd Lodge has been the backdrop to countless stories of love, laughter, and togetherness. 

As Mike and Ruth celebrate 90 years with their guests and family this year, they reflect on the countless families who have made Boyd Lodge a cornerstone of their journey. “We look forward to welcoming all our guests, new and longtime, to the events at the resort and online to celebrate our shared history at Boyd Lodge.” 

As we reflect on the past and look to the future, it’s clear that Boyd Lodge holds a special place in the hearts of all who have crossed its threshold. Happy 90th to Boyd Lodge!

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