Plan Your Winter Ice Fishing Vacation in Crosslake

As temperatures drop, the days grow shorter, and the frost begins to move in, the excitement for ice fishing, snowmobiling, and skiing grows! If there’s one thing we’re known for in Minnesota, and especially Crosslake, it’s our transformation into a picturesque winter wonderland upon the first snowfall.

It’s also true that winters in Minnesota tend to arrive rather quickly! Some years, you go to sleep on a cool autumn evening, and wake up to find the ground covered in six inches of snow.

Point being, it’s a good idea to start planning your winter vacation now, so that you can be well-prepared and well-planned once winter does come barreling in. We have details on all your favorite wintertime activities in Crosslake!


The Paul Bunyan Trail stretches over 110 miles, connecting Brainerd to Bemidji as it weaves through the Whitefish chain of lakes. In winter, the trail becomes a snowmobiler’s dream, offering everything you could possibly want out of a snowmobiling journey: well-groomed trails, plenty of towns and gas stations along the route, and of course, fantastic winter scenery.

If you have a couple sleds of your own and want to bring them along, great! You’re more than welcome. If you don’t have your own sleds, or would prefer to leave them at home, we will happily connect with you nearby rental snowmobiles for you to enjoy during your stay.

You can find more details, as well as maps and other resources, on the Paul Bunyan Trail website.

Ice Fishing

Our location, tucked away in the heart of the Brainerd Lakes Area, makes us a perfect “home base” for your ice fishing trip. From Pelican Lake to Pine Lake, you have nearly limitless options for your ice fishing adventure. We can arrange fish house rentals on your behalf, and have plenty of connections with local fishing guides, fishing reports, and more.

Plus, you’ll want to mark you calendars now for the 2020 Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza on January 25th, 2020! The Extravaganza is the largest charitable ice fishing contest in the world, with more than $150,000 in prizes available! Visit the event website for more information.

All of the most popular game and trophy fish can be caught around the Brainerd Lakes Area, including walleye, northern pike, and crappies. Check out our fishing page for more information and fishing tips.

Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, and Ice Skating

Cross-country skiing is a fantastic way to enjoy the still, quiet beauty of the wintertime landscape in Crosslake. Our resort grounds feature 5 miles of private, well-groomed cross-country ski trails, which can be traversed on snowshoes as well!

Finally, what winter vacation is complete without a little time on the rink? Our ice skating rink is a perfect family wintertime activity.

Once you return from your snowy excursions, chances are you’ll want to warm up a bit. A visit to our whirlpool hot tub or sauna should be just the ticket! After that, relax in front of a roaring fire in your cabin’s fireplace. We provide the firewood!

As you can see, there are all sorts of fantastic ways to enjoy the winter season here in Crosslake. Plus, you can take advantage of great winter rates! Check out our winter availability and plan your own winter wonderland vacation!