Nature Note: Baby Creatures of Crosslake, MN

This past week has been exciting at Boyd Lodge, as several new babies have appeared in the Crosslake, MN area.  Mama Wood Duck was proudly showing off her brood of around a dozen little “puff balls.”  They were busy exploring the turtle pond and whenever they got too far away mama would call and they would all scurry back to the safety of mama’s watchful eye.  

We also have at least one new member to the resident deer herd, as a less than sure-footed newborn fawn has made several appearances around the Whitefish Lake resort.  I seem to be the only one who hasn’t seen him/her yet, but I’ve been assured it is not a mirage.

Lastly, we have a new guardian of the pole barn.  A male Ruffed Grouse has made it his responsibility to monitor who comes and goes.  He is fearless and doesn’t take kindly to some of our staff when they are going to and fro with the golf carts.  I had the pleasure of his company the other day while I was cutting in a new trail to one of our ponds. Mr. Grouse kept an ever watchful eye on me the entire time I was running the chainsaw and weed whip.  Having no fear of either machine, he was never more than 10 feet away.

So until next time, keep an eye open for all the new babies and you may even be greeted by Mr. Grouse.

-Mike Schwieters