Nature Notes: Silence of a Beautiful Winter Day – Winter Adventures in MN

We just experienced the winter solstice on the 21st and so now the amount of daylight starts to get longer and longer.  With a fresh dusting of snow, the Whitefish Chain of Lakes is calling to come and explore.  There is an obvious increase in activity on the lakes as the ice is getting thicker and thicker.  More and more people are venturing out in search of walleyes, while several spear houses have already set up in the shallows waiting for northern pike and whitefish to arrive. 

We are hopeful for a decent snowfall later in the week, as the snowmobile trails and our cross country ski trails are all set and waiting for that blanket of new snow.  If you haven’t ventured out on the trails in the winter it really is a great way to get a little exercise.  You can choose to cross country ski or snowshoe or why not do both.  There is nothing like the silence of a beautiful winter day, with the breeze gently blowing through the pines and the snow casting sparkles like a million little diamonds.  You might even catch sight of one or more of our resident deer, on your journey through the woods.  And then what better way to warm up than to sit by the fireplace with a cup of your favorite beverage and listen to the crackle of the fire. 

This time of year brings so much joy and cheer with the holidays and prospects for the New Year, that it is the perfect time to get outside and embrace all that winter has to offer.  We will be looking for you out on the lake and on the trails.  

Come stay with us at Boyd Lodge and enjoy all that winter has to offer! 

whitetail deer